Veneer Drying Machine

Veneer drying belongs to the most important phases involving veneer generation. The main objective using the drying process is to offer high-quality optimally dried veneer sheets with the highest possible efficiency. This is carried out by removing water within the sheet and decreasing waters content to an optimized level using hot and humid air in the dryer.

By choosing traditional veneer drying, you acquire veneer quality with homogeneous drying result. As a result, you get high-quality, even moisture content veneer sheets that are ready to be glued and dealt with further as LVL cross-bow helps, plywood, panels, or several end- use products.

The successful veneer drying out has many positive impacts by yourself production and veneer the best quality. With optimized veneer drying conditions, equipment, and process, you produce more high-quality veneer and also less energy, raw supplies, and waste.

The most sophisticated drying solutions include items like grading. You can mark the dried veneer bedsheets to different veneer kinds for plywood or LVL expenditure.

Raute offers three different veneer drying line selection called R3, R5, and R7 from which the latter is the very best automated line ever created to the veneer production industry. Our drying line possibilities R5 and R7 always range from the veneer sheet grading following on from the drying line.

Start your production or add volume easily with our R3-Series. In order for you capacity that can be upgraded effortlessly along with a line that allows modernization by means of process-specific updates, R5-Series is your solution. Put automation and equipment vision entirely use with R7-Series as well as master your productivity with top speed. Grenzebach offers veneer manufacturers the full range of plants along with machines for veneer formation. Our equipment is designed to ensure maximum quality together with productivity for both features and plywood veneer making. We offer everything by individual dryer plants as well as manual feeders, to total veneer drying lines making use of automatic feeders, scanners plus stacking systems. We source the wood manufacturing discipline with state-of-the-art technology relating to veneer drying, including very high possible energy efficiency.

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